“Michael is great at maintaining brand integrity and ensuring brand adherence when it comes to design. He is well organized, diligent and a fast learner. All these attributes were critical when Vivent Health rebranded in 2020, which involved switching over 33 years of materials to new branding standards. Having great attention to detail and project management skills made the process run smoothly and I could always rely on Michael to help move any project along. It was a pleasure to work with Michael.”
- Tiffany Wynn (Director of Marketing & Communications, Vivent Health)​​​​​​​
"Michael is an outstanding colleague and artist. He is able to manage multiple projects at the same time, for many different departments and stakeholders. Beyond design, he is extremely tech savvy and has taught himself to learn many different platforms and systems. Michael has always been reliable, punctual and able to juggle many tasks without ever missing a beat."
- Kristin Jenders (Marketing Manager, ARCW)
"Michael has a genuine passion and true talent for graphic design and it shows in every aspect of his work, from conceptualization to the finished product. Having worked with him at ARCW for the last two years, I’ve witnessed first hand Michael’s ability to take a general theme and message and then produce compelling marketing materials with an artistic flair. Aside from his work ethic, Michael is a pleasure to work with, turning out projects and requests in a timely manner and always with a friendly smile. He is a valuable asset in the marketing, communications, and public relations arena."
- Brittany Vulich (Manager of Corporate and Foundations Relations, ARCW)
"I have known Michael Burmesch for over 10 years. I first met Michael when he was a student of mine at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Michael was an excellent student–always very enthusiastic about his work and the design discipline in general and a wonderful member of the community here. He was well loved by his fellow students and his faculty and always quick to get involved and help out in any way that he could. Michael has continued to embody these wonderful attributes as he has worked professionally in the design and photo world these past years. The work he is doing at ARCW is innovative and lively and he is always creating great and engaging communication! I highly recommend Michael as a wonderful employee and equally wonderful person!"
- Dale Shidler (Professor, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design)
"Michael did a great job designing the graphics for my daughter's 5th grade promotional materials. I gave him free rein to do whatever he chose and he came back with a light, fun and colorful design. I was thoroughly impressed with what he did and all the kids loved it (and preteens are hard to impress)! I would definitely use Michael and his design skills for future projects."
- Shannon Malnory-Silbernagel (Client, Mb Designs)
"I had the privilege of working with Mike during my tenure as Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at ARCW. Mike is a wonderful artist who is truly dedicated to his profession and brings to his craft not only a great eye for design but also technological expertise. The creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail that Mike brings to each project ensure a consistent level of excellence. Mike is able to manage large numbers of projects with impending deadlines such that every project is completed in a timely manner. Mike is a valued member of any team he joins and always earns the respect and appreciation of his colleagues."
- Suzanne Wilson-Davis, Ph.D. (Director of Corporate and Foundations Relations, ARCW)
"Creativity radiates from Michael! His design work captures thevision of his clients and reflects absolute professionalism. He is a rising star in his field!"
- Julie Burmesch (Client, Mb Designs)
"I worked with Mike in my capacity as chief marketing officer of Diamond Nexus while Mike was a graphic designer. He is amazingly talented. What first comes to mind is his excellent balance of artistic and evaluative skills. His incredible eye and great sense of color contribute to the elegance of the designs he creates which are all at once simple and powerful. Evaluatively, he is quite able to step back and view his own work with a critical eye toward strategy, and what will sell. As a marketing team member, Mike is a key contributor of ideas who is always pushing himself and others for the best solution. As a person, Mike is smart, honest, fair, and very kind of heart. He is well liked by the group and puts his heart into what he cares about. I would recommend Mike unreservedly."
- Taylor Eastbrook (Chief Marketing Officer, Diamond Nexus Labs)
"Michael has made my concept for my first album cover a reality. He not only respected my own ideas and concepts, but expounded upon them with his own professional graphic design expertise, allowing the concepts to be more fluent, understandable, and with professional-grade results. I would highly recommend Michael's artistry and knowledge for graphic design to anyone who would prefer to work with a dedicated, efficient, and easy-to-work with individual."
- Craig Maier (Client, Mb Designs)
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